The Sweet Spot: How Many Pages Should a Website Have?

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If you are a business owner wondering where to even start with your small business website, I am here to help. In this blog post you will learn how many pages a website should have.

I am a web designer who specializes in designing websites for therapists that represents their brand in the way that they want, helps attract their ideal customers, and generates revenue. 

During my time of designing for small business owners, a popular question that I always get is how many pages should a website have? While this is different for each small business and really depends on your business and customers/clients needs, here are the top 3 website pages that I recommend your website to have.

A web designers top 3 pages when asked- how many pages should a website have?


When asking how many pages should a website have, a homepage is an important one to include.

Your homepage is the home to your small business and could be the first page that your customers encounter. It is the most important page to your small business website, and it makes your first impression, so we need to make it great. 

Your homepage should have a clear and easy navigation. It should have an inviting vibe and give your potential customers or clients a reason to stay (we want them to keep scrolling and clicking through more pages on your website) 

Your homepage needs a clear call to action. This is a button that encourages your visitors to make an action. This is specific to each business and their needs, but examples include book now, contact now, schedule a class, etc. By using a clear call to action it will help in guiding your customers to eventually purchase your product, or subscribe to your service. 

Your homepage should also have a clear heading that tells what your product or service is, how it helps your customers/clients, and how they can purchase it. 

Services Page

Your services page will be one of the first pages that your clients or customers will look for on your small business website. I always consider this when my clients ask how many pages a website should have.

You want to make sure your services are clearly listed. Include a description of each service (keep these brief as we do not want too much text on the screen). You should include a call to action for each of your services that are listed so that if the customer or client decides to purchase, the button is right there for them. 

The services page can show off your expertise and show that you are an authority in your product or service. Try to think of things that make your services unique and include this information within your services description. This could help to distinguish your services from the potential competition and show the customer/client why they book to purchase from you over anyone else.

Contact Page

This page is important becauseā€¦.well we want your customer to be able to get in contact with you. 

This page on your small business website should provide information about how customers can reach you or your business. Include a phone number and address if applicable. Your email is also an important link to provide in case customers want to reach out to you for questions. 

Your contact page should also include a contact form for people to fill out with whatever information is needed for you. This could be an inquiry form or even just a simple contact form with a message box for them to type in any message or question that they may have for you. 

When considering how many pages a should a website have, be sure to include an impressive homepage, services page with a brief description of each unique service that you provide, and a contact page with a way that you want your customer/clients to get in contact with you. I hope that this blog post will help you when deciding how many pages your website should have. 

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