3 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Business

Starting your own business in the wellness industry is an exciting adventure, especially for us female entrepreneurs. As we go through this journey, there are a few important tips I’d like to share, ones I wish I’d known when I started. Listen to the podcast episode below, or continue reading!

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1. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others in Your Industry

When you’re just starting your wellness business, it’s easy to start comparing yourself to others. We often find ourselves scrolling through social media, feeling like we’re not as successful as our peers. This can be a real thief of joy, and make us doubt ourselves. But remember, everyone’s journey is unique, and comparing your journey to those who have been in the industry for years isn’t being fair to yourself.

Plus, what you see on social media isn’t always the whole truth. Many entrepreneurs only post their successes while hiding their struggles. This comparison game often leads to self-doubt and discouragement, which can slow down your business growth.

Here are some way to try to avoid comparing yourself to others in your industry:

Limit your social media exposure: Cut down your interactions with peers in the wellness industry on social media if you find yourself constantly comparing.

Take breaks from social media: Try to use social media for posting content and community building, and then log off. It’s too easy to get caught up in the comparison game while scrolling.

Stay focused on your own journey: Set clear goals and create a strategy for reaching them. Focus on your own path and avoid getting distracted by what others are doing.

Turn comparison into motivation: If you do find yourself comparing, use it as motivation instead. Learn from their experiences, their successes, and even their mistakes to drive your own growth.

Avoiding the comparison trap is a reminder that your journey is yours alone. Focus on celebrating your progress and keep your eyes on your journey and goals in the wellness industry.

2. You will Make Mistakes- Its ok! Its how you learn

Mistakes are a part of the journey, especially when you’re just starting your wellness business. It’s important to realize that mistakes are not failures, but chances to learn and grow.

As you start your wellness business, you will make mistakes, and you’ll continue to make them along the way. Instead of seeing them as setbacks, think of them as opportunities for learning and improvement. Even when you look back at your early work/choices, you may cringe, but this is a clear sign of progress and personal growth.

Remember, every entrepreneur starts somewhere, and none of us are perfect from the beginning. It’s through these mistakes that you learn, adapt, and ultimately become more proficient in your wellness field.

Here’s why making mistakes in business is important:

Mistakes lead to growth: Each mistake is a chance to learn, adapt, and improve. You can develop better strategies, tweak your services, and become more effective in your wellness business.

Progress requires trial and error: Making mistakes is a sign that you’re pushing your boundaries and GROWING. Success rarely comes without setbacks, and it’s through these challenges that you discover what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll always be changing: Your wellness business will grow and change, and so will you. What seems like a mistake today might become a stepping stone to a huge breakthrough. It’s all a part of the journey.

By making mistakes, you’re establishing a friendly growth mindset that will help you thrive in your wellness entrepreneurial journey.

3. Invest in Your Wellness Business and Yourself

Investing in your wellness business and yourself is the key to success in the industry. When you’re an entrepreneur, you often have many task, from being an owner, to marketer, accountant to salesperson. While it’s important to be well-rounded, you can’t be an expert in every aspect of your wellness business.

For instance, if you’re a wellness entrepreneur, you may do great in providing wellness services but struggle with marketing. In my experience, I found that investing in a marketing expert saved me time and delivered better results. These experts have learned from their mistakes and developed strategies that work. By learning from them, you can avoid common mistakes and make progress more quickly.

Reasons why investing in your business is important:

Time is precious: Learning from experts can save you a HUGE amount of time. You can then focus on serving your clients, building relationships, and growing your wellness business.

Show your value: When you invest in your wellness business and yourself, you send a message to your clients. You show that you believe in the value you offer and are committed to delivering the best services in the wellness industry. It also positions you as a trusted expert, which can be more appealing to wellness clients.

Investing in your wellness business and yourself is a friendly reminder that finding help and learning from experts is a powerful way to push your business forward. It’s a sign of commitment to your clients and a path to success in the wellness industry.

Your entrepreneurial journey is a story of your passion and dedication. After reading these three tips, I hope you’ll find the strength to overcome challenges, make the most of opportunities, and continue thriving in the wellness industry. So, as you continue on your path, remember that success is not measured by how fast you get there but by the knowledge and growth you gain along the way. Here’s to your wellness business and your continued success!

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